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“You’re not Adam, stop using his phrase..”

among  the others

among the others

“If it was not for the man missing rib, there will be no woman..” one guy remarked.
What a powerful expression to be used by man, so I thought.

The line stuck inside my head for quite sometimes now, try to figure out the true meaning of women existence and why does it had to be men’s rib?
Does men proven to be one rib short?

After doing days of thinking and some research, I finally found the answer.
That both men and women are having the same number of ribs.
And the next time any men should ever used that remark on me, I would sincerely reply,

“Hello, if it wasn’t for Adam’s rib there’ll be none of us.
Evidently, even if there is no you, there’ll always be me..”
The remark work solely work for Adam himself, not to every man…

So for every men out here who obviously came into this world through his mother womb,

“Please, give it up already.
You’re not Adam, stop using his phrase.

Women are not taken out of your rib cage.
Why not thank Mom instead?”