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“Thanking Mom on each Birthday…”

baby's thought


It was all came to me at midnight of my 30th birthday 2 years ago. Just like any other birthday, that day was gonna be my “big day”. A birthday dinner with my girlfriends (special event each year). A private family party (as always), the biggest hug from my precious children, the most special gift of all. Alone that night, I was trying  to memorize every single memorable moments within 30 years of living. Thinking how I no longer a teenager, how I should really trying and behave myself (be a grown up for God sake!) How I should accepting the new era of my life. For me that was the official point. Then it suddenly hit me! 30 years ago, in the morning, there was my mum holding on to her very pregnant belly, called out to my dad how she might be having her first contractions. She knew I was coming. My father urged her to go as fast as possible but she preferred to wait a little longer while doing some house works and make some preparations for my 1,5 years old sister she was about to leave for mother’s nature call. Not until the unbearable pain occurred she walked her way out to the midwive’s (neighbour) house across the street approximately 30meters from their rented house. I can imagine the anxious and concerned face of my father welcoming his baby boy (he wished..). Crossed in my imagination how my mother suffered while struggling in pain for her baby to come into this world. By the time I finnaly arrived, the midwive said “It’s another girl!” (imagine how my father expression to that!). Not quite what they were expecting she thought, but she exhaled in such a relieved, thanking God for such a strenght He gave her. Then she looked at her newly born baby for the very first time and thinked to herself “what a beautiful baby girl…” I must handed to her (and all mothers in the world) “THAT WAS ONE HARDCORE EXPERIENCE!”. So that night, in the middle of the night. Just before my big event of the year, I cried. Before all the celebrations and excitement in life, all congratulations (even from my very own mother) I thought to myself “how come no one congratulate the very person” who brought me into this world?? Why?? I guess it’s all because “MOTHER’S LOVE IS AS LONG AS THE RIVER AND AS WIDE AS AN OCEAN”. Not even once they asked for even the simplest appreciation, just hope and prayers for their baby well being and happiness. So for me, my very own birthday is the official date of MOTHER’S DAY. And at every birthdays to come, the very first thing I’m going to do before all of the excitements, is by expressing my gratitude and my deepest appreciation to my mum by claiming the day as MY VERY OWN MOTHER’S DAY. A simple THANK YOU and the warmest hug of her own flesh and blood would bring her the world.